Target Tuesday

//Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

This week’s Target Tuesday: Sweat in style with this matching work-out set. Added bonus* it won’t break the bank (ON SALE NOW)



Target Tuesday: Sweat in Style

I have always loved shopping for sports bras or work-out clothes at Target, but now they have really stepped up their game. They have 3-4 different matching sets like the one I am wearing. The detailed, strappy sports bra is what reminded me of some Lululemon pieces I already own. However, this sports bra is $7.50 versus the $50 you would pay at a Lulu store. The pants have a thick waistband & black stripe down the side, which makes them more flattering than a fully-printed pant. If you’re in the market for some new work-out gear. Check it out!! I have included the links below. Xx


(In-store only, but you can still do in-store pick up through these links)

Sports bra: Target ON SALE FOR $7.50 

Pants: Target ON SALE FOR $13.50

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