Summer Snackin’

//Summer Snackin’

Summer Snackin’

…because hanger can strike at any moment.


I have to keep some snacks handy at all times, whether they’re in my purse, my car, whatever. I turn into a really grumpy/scary person when I get too hungry. Because HANGER IS REAL.

Also, another reason I stay snacking is because I try to not let myself get to a point where I am starving because then I’m too hungry to care what I’m eating–which can lead to some bad choices. I’m going into week 8 of Kayla Insines’ BBG program and I’ve been slowly, but surely getting rid of my college bod. Here are some of my top snack choices that have made these past 8 weeks a little bit easier.

1. Watermelon:

Only the best summer fruit ever! One of my frequent mid-morning snacks. However, I do keep portions in mind because it has natural sugars (aka the carbs can add up quick). Still you can eat enough to fill you up for not a lot of calories.

2. Power crunch bar:

I am always trying new protein bars. This has been my favorite for the past two months. The salted carmel with peanut butter creme tastes just like a nutty bar. I honestly look forward to eating one everyday, PLUS it is low in sugar & carbs–what I try to avoid the most. My top pick* (sold at most local grocery stores)

3. Plain Chobani Greek yogurt & chia seeds

Another one of my go-tos for a mid-morning snack. Opt for the plain greek yogurt & add your own sweeter (I use stevia) and a little vanilla extract. I’ll throw in a few berries and 2 teaspoons of chia seeds for a tasty, yet very filling snack. *If you compare the plain to flavored greek yogurt the sugar & carbs almost double that’s why I suggest snazzin’ up the plain*

4. Lemon Quark:

This is very similar to Greek yogurt, but it has less of that sour taste PLUS it’s carb-protein ratio is better than Greek yogurt. So far I like the lemon flavor the best. It’s just as filling as regular greek yogurt and one cup only has 80 calories : )  I’ll eat this with a handful of almonds for a pretty well-rounded snack.

5. Quest bars:

These are a little more substantial than the power crunch bars with about 20 carbs + 20 grams of protein. However, they come in so many flavors that are delicious (white chocolate raspberry***, chocolate chip cookie dough & cookies and cream are a few of my favs) They are made of all natural ingredients, which is important to watch for. Many protein bars are packed with so many chemicals-YUCK. These are also very low in sugar and high in fiber to keep you full.

6. Earth Balance white cheddar popcorn:


This covers all your bases…its vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, all natural…I can go on. However, you wouldn’t know it because its SO good. Plus I can eat about 3 cups for only 150 calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates–not bad! A great traveling snack. (found at whole foods or any health store)

*I usually measure these out into plastic bags with one serving per bag that way I won’t sit there and eat the whole bag–because I could…

7. Harvest Snap Pea Crisps:

I love crunchy, salty snacks and those are usually not allowed in my diet. These snap pea crisps are surprisingly so tasty! They are like little chips & would go great with hummus (or to toss in & add a little crunch to your salad).

I’m always looking for new snacks to try that can help keep me on track during bikini season so I hope this can be helpful to you too! Xx



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