Spring Cleaning

//Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

One of the most effective & inexpensive brush cleaners I’ve come across…


This is probably not on your typical ‘Spring cleaning’ list, however it should be! Makeup brushes are so overlooked when it comes to how much bacteria they actually carry, and then, even worse, you are rubbing those germs all over your face–ew! If I don’t clean my brushes often my face starts to get bumpy and kind of splotchy, but I also have really sensitive skin. Either way it is something you should do for the overall well-being of your face & life-span of your brushes.

I’ve read all sorts of remedies that involve mixing detergents like dish soaps with vinegar or baby shampoo…and all of those sound a bit intense. Plus, I can only imagine how bad it would smell to combine all of those ingredients. Then, the only other alternative is to buy a make up brand cleaner for a hefty price. So I want to share the best solution I have found!



Neutrogena’s Rainbath shower gel. You can get it for about $8 or they even make little tiny travel size bottles for about $1.50 at Walgreens. I love this stuff it smells good AND it makes great bubbles for a bubble bath.

It cleans my brushes SO well, but it is still gentle enough so it does not damage them.

I usually rinse all of my brushes in my sink using lukewarm water. I lather up each brush with soap & you will not believe how much make-up comes out of them!


Once I am done rinsing them, I lay them out on a towel and make sure they are reshaped to their normal figure so the bristles dry properly. I usually do this before I go to bed so they have all night to dry. If this is something you haven’t been doing you should try it, it may even help with some underlying skin issues you have been dealing with, as well!


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