Save vs. Splurge: The Bronze Edition

//Save vs. Splurge: The Bronze Edition

Save vs. Splurge: The Bronze Edition

Whether you’re trying to save or wanting to splurge, I’ve got a bronzer for either…


#SomethingNew: This is the first of my monthly “save” or “splurge” posts featuring some of my favorite make-up products. The “save” product is a good go-to for when you’re low on funds. The “splurge” item is for when you feel like treating yourself…or if mom takes you shopping : )

I don’t wear a lot of foundation or face make-up, but bronzer is a MUST. It’s also hard finding a drug-store bronzer that is a good color, plus I like to buy bronzer based on it’s palette size–the bigger the better! Here are my top picks…


Since I am currently trying to save, I bought this Wet-N-Wild bronzer at Walgreens this past week for $5.49!!! That sparked my idea for this post because you really can’t beat the price & it is the perfect size. I’ve probably gone through 4 of these already–it rocks.


If you are feeling a shopping spree coming on OR you’re in the market for a higher quality bronzer than this Marc Jacobs palette is the best route to take. I love the color & I was able to use it forever before it ran out, plus it has a huge surface area of bronzer, which is a must for me.


Wet-n-Wild Bronzer, (color: Bikini Contest)

I have had a hard time finding the correct color in this Wet-n-Wild & for some reason they haven’t had it at Target. You can order¬†here through Amazon and you can even order pack of 3 for $20!!

Marc Jacobs Bronzer: I purchased mine off of Amazon, too because that is how I originally discovered it.

Be on the lookout for my next Save/Splurge post–In the meantime, go forth & be bronze!

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