Save vs. Splurge

//Save vs. Splurge

Save vs. Splurge

This month’s round-up of some of my favorite products! Whether you’re trying to save or looking to splurge, I have a product for you…


As promised, I have put together my monthly “Save/Splurge” post. If you have not read one before, this is where I compile a list of my favorite products, each falling into a category either “save” or “splurge.” The “save” side is a less expensive product for those (like me) who are trying to save a little extra cash. The “splurge” side is a slight increase in price, but still great products that I love. Plus, it’s always good to treat yourself every once in awhile, am I right?

So from the top, going from left to right…(you can click the name of each product below to show how much each item costs)


1. Revlon Chubby Stick: A less expensive version of the Original Clinique chubby stick, I have purchased several to keep in various places…my car, purse, ect… My favorite color is “lovesick” which is a really pretty bright pink color.

2. Its A 10: A great drug-store leave-in conditioner that I am using right now. It’s very light so I can spray it on my hair wet or dry to protect it from any heat!

3. L’oreal Sublime 360 Self-Tanner: FIVE STARS HERE* I used this all four years of college and I am always telling people about it because it’s such a good deal. I’ll spray it all over my whole body and I’ve even sprayed it directly onto my face. It always goes on evenly! I’ve never worried about it being streaky or weird. Highly recommend it*

4. L’oreal Lip Stain:¬†This is a great knock-off of the YSL lip stain. If you like a glossier look, this one is great because it comes in lots of different colors and stains your lips really well for several hours. Sometimes, I’ll apply it to my finger and then rub it into my lips for a more subtle, stained look.


5. Clinique Chubby Stick: This is one of the original chubby stick brands and I love their color scheme. For Christmas I got a mini tester of all of the lip colors and it was the best gift ever! Plushest punch and grandest grape are two of my favorite colors.

6. St. Tropez Self-Tanner: This self-tanner goes on in the form of a mousse and I think it is one of the best. If I ever have a special event or something going on where I want some really good color, I know I can count on this product!

7. Uniq One: This is another awesome leave-in-conditioner that serves many purposes. I have a lot of hair and this product is a rockstar at detangling my hair.

8. YSL Lip Stain: This is very similar to the L’oreal lip stain I already mentioned. The only real difference is that YSL has a better selection of colors. You are definitely paying more for this product, but it is one of the best lip stains that has a nice glossy finish.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Save/Splurge post & maybe even discovered some new products to try! Until next time! Xx

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