How I got these vintage Nikes for $8 & made some money along the way…


IMG_2742 IMG_2880 - Version 2IMG_2812 IMG_2842#SomethingNew: Poshmark

You may have already heard of this app, or even better, you may already be a Poshmark user. If not, then it is definitely something you should check out. Basically, Poshmark is like a virtual Plato’s Closet–except a lot of the items are way better than what you would find at a regular ole Plato’s. Users take pictures of any name brand product from their closet, price it, & upload the item into their ‘virtual’ closet. From there anyone can purchase it!

Since wearing sneakers is such a big trend this spring, I thought Poshmark would be a great place to look for a new pair. I wasn’t trying to spend an additional $100+ when I already have a few pairs of tennis shoes too. The best part is that you can search for any product imaginable and search specifically for your own size. These patterned Nikes that I am wearing above were obviously the ones that I had to have. I’ve never seen anything like them & they were 8 DOLLARS!! This is definitely a prime example of “one woman/man’s trash is another woman/man’s treasure” because I think they are fantastic even though the user must have really wanted to get rid of them!

I originally started off selling items on Poshmark. I have sold 4 items so far and I’ve already made $200 dollars, which is way better than I expected. I sold a pair of UGGS & some Tory Burch sandals I don’t wear anymore, but the possibilities are endless! It’s unbelievable how easy it is to sell products on this app, plus you never have to deal with any user directly. Poshmark does everything for you!

I have no affiliation with this app I just wanted to share a few tips on how to make some extra cash this summer or maybe find some cool new sneaks too : ) Go out and start poshing! Xx



As you can see, here is the railing I was sitting on for one of my pictures^ and here is a 6 second preview of what was going on about 30 feet from us during our entire shoot. Lol just a quick pop-up music video–I’m not really sure?? They showed up about 15 minutes or so after us, and it was so hard not to look.. the dancing was getting real intense. I’m trying my best to be serious in these pictures, but it was too funny.

Other outfit details:

USA Chaser from Savoir-Faire 

Urban Outfitters cross-body bag


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