Hi friends!! Y’all probably already know that a am a BIGGGGG podcast gal. I seriously power through so much content on a daily basis by listening to podcasts & I have learned so much!!

LIFE HACK: I listen to all of my podcasts at 1.5x speed, it is seriously such a game changer!!

I get asked all the time what my fave podcast are, and I seriously have so so many, and am always adding more to the list!! So, this page is a landing spot that will be constantly updated with all of my absolute favorite podcasts, specific episodes, podcasters, etc!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DM me your podcast recs!!!


HERE’S A COMBO OF PODS I LOVE + RECS YOU GAVE ME: *purple graphic below*

These are a lot of the podcasts that y’all recommended to me a while back, and I have been pulling from this list for the past few months!!

** RECENT PODCAST EPISODES** I’ve been jamming to + I will continue to update!

  1. Expanded – with Lacy Phillips
  2. The MIMIBEE Podcast
  3. The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire
  4. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

5. The Ed Myles Show (SPECIFICALLY THESE EPISODES!) you can search by episode number!)

6. The MIMIBEE Podcast (too many amazing episodes, I couldn’t pick just one!!) please listen to episode 49!

I am absolutely obsessed with Dr. Joe Dispenza. His story, his mindset, literally everything he is about he totally resonated with me and I cannot get enough of his content!!



LIFE HACK: this is an app that does audio sparknotes for top selling books – an entire book in a 15 minute summary! It’s another awesome way to inject more information and knowledge throughout the day!!

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