The last few months have forced us all to get verrryyyy creative with finding some fun activities to keep us all occupied while we’re stuck at home. For me, that has included learning lots of TikTok dances and crate training a new puppy. But now, I’m finally at the point where I’m ready to really take on the beast that is makeup organization. I get tons of questions from y’all about how I organize my makeup, any tips, etc. And to be honest, I am nottttt the most organized person out there. So, this is definitely a necessary project for me, and hopefully I can help some of you guys along the way!!

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TIP #1: Make sure you can see EVERYTHING!!

I truly do not know how many times I haven’t been able to find a certain product, assumed that I lost it, bought a new one, and then found it buried in my makeup bag a few days later!! I feel like that really happens to all of us, and the problem is usually the fact that we can’t see everything that we already have. So, step one for me is going to be emptying out every makeup bag, purse or drawer where I’ve stuffed makeup, and transfer it all into clear containers, organized into categories. That way, you can see everything that you have, and you’ll stop making unnecessary purchases (I cannot be the only one with six tubes of the same lip gloss because I throw one into every bag I own).

TIP #2: Label everythinggggg!!

This kind of goes along with Tip #1, but it really does take it a step further. I love the idea of having everything labeled, just in case you’re looking for that bright blue eyeliner you bought on a whim and finally have an excuse to wear it. This is also super helpful if you’re keeping your makeup in a cabinet or drawers.

Tip #3: Keep it clean

Creating a cleaning routine can be SO tough, and I feel like we often overlook how important it is to keep our makeup (and brushes!!) as clean as possible. I try to clean my brushes at least once a month. It’s not a fun task, but it is SOOO worth it once it’s done. I also am going to get better at prioritizing cleaning all of my makeup after I return home from traveling. That way, everything stays fresh, and I can check through for anything that make be broken or expired.

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Tip #4: Make it fun!!

Makeup and skincare can sometimes feel like a chore, but turning it into something enjoyable is a lot easier than we think!! I loveee my retro vanity mirror, it really turns my makeup space into place I want to spend time every day. I am also OBSESSED with the idea of a skincare fridge, and am ordering this one off of Amazon as we speak. It’s just one little thing we can do to make our bathroom feel a little more luxurious, and allow the time we spend on our skincare each night into “Me Time”!!

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