LONDON GUIDE: a full recap of our week!


In case you missed it, I spent this past week in London with my best gal Rachel (@RKDEEB) a photographer extraordinaire here in Nashville. I was lucky enough to have her shoot my pics *inserting the ULTIMATE photo creds here* – SHOUTOUT TO HER FOR BEING THE BEST IG WIFEY <3 Go follow her she’s a rockstar!^^

Just landed last night back in Nashville – always great to be home, but DAMN I love London. It was my first time to experience the city SO here we go…

I’m sure there are tons of places I have yet to go, but for now here is what we did… We really didn’t have much of a gameplan! We just played everyday by ear and here is where the universe took us!

P.S. I will also include a few suggestions I received from other follower gals at the end! XOXO

TUESDAY 3/12/19:

This was our first morning! We did some work at the cutest lil coffee spot down the street from us called Sendero.

From there, we really didn’t have any plans except to go exploring!!!

Our first adventure was to Borough Market – omg I had the best sandwich of my life there. Rach got some really good homemade apple cider too – YUM. So many yummy snacks, fresh produces, fancy cheeses, herbs and spices to see and try there! DEF go there!

Outfit deets from day one:CLICK HERE!

We ended up hitting a few shops (of course!) before we went to the National Portrait Gallery – it is donation based so you simply make a donation (if you want) upon entry. We spent our afternoon near Covent Gardens area – the Melissa shoe store is SO COOL.

^^ At this point we had worked up a bit of an appetite so we hit Covent Gardens GRIND. ^^ LOVE THIS PLACE! Highly recommend – we order all of the veggies and hummus + green goddess with an espresso martini ! SO GOOD + very instagrammable ;)))

Later that evening, we went out for drinks with some friends and ended up at the Ain’t Nothin But* bar… SO FUN.  It was a live blues bar, which was POPPIN’ for a Tuesday night! Very small and dive-y, but we were lovin’ it. We late night-ed at DISREPUTE, which was a much nicer spot (def a bit pricey, but such a cool vibe)! worth it. pictured below:

WEDNESDAY (3/13/19): 

We spent almost all day at the Camden Market – tons of cutie pie vintage shops, jewelry spots, and YUMMY food. Bubble waffles + poke bowls + kebabs + churros + ALL the good stuff.

You must check out the “patch” shop – it’s one of the many tents that make up the marketplace, but has some REALLY unique finds.


We went to the POST MALONE CONCERT at the 02 that evening, WHICH WAS INCREDIBLE. I love him. I would recommend checking out the 02 to see if there are any shows playing because it’s such a cool spot.

THURSDAY (3/14/19):

AH we HAD to hit Elan Cafe – it is that beautiful, infamous flower cafe I am sure you have seen all over instagram, but we FREAKIN’ loved it. We waited in like maybe 25-30 minutes, but it wasn’t terrible considering how tiny it is. The lattes were delish (Rachel got the lucky charms one lol so cute) & we got some v tasty sammies. I would recommend going for a mid-afternoon tea because they had some killer looking desserts too ; )

The rest of our afternoon consisted of lots of shopping off Carnaby Street & at the Liberty mall!!!! From there we met up with a huge crew at Dinerama – basically a huge food truck market/beer garden, but actually way cooler than that! I tried my first Kebab – OBSESSED. pictured below:

Also, it’s in Shoreditch, which had a lot of fun bars and places to hit. We danced that whole night at the Blues Kitchen – would recommend the Pornstar martini!!!!

FRIDAY (3/15/19)

OKAY so we had to try the BEST Indian food in London (or so we were told) at Dishoom. We definitely waiting a solid 40 minutes around lunch time (at the Carnaby location), BUT DANG THAT CURRY WAS FUEGO!

We loved that whole area so it was fun to shop around, and then have a bomb ass meal. After that we met up with our German friends who wanted to bar hop around that area + grab a quick bite (aka a quick lobster roll -YUM) at Burgers & Lobster. So many cutie corners and pubs walking distance from Carnaby street.

We also ended up doing a bar crawl with some local friends, but these places were super divey so I wouldn’t recommend you to go out of your way for them. LOL skipping over that blurp.

SATURDAY (3/16/19)

First thang first, we had brunch at The Folly – SUCH A BOP. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You must go. pictured below:

Okay we played ultimate tourist, but I could not have been happier about it. London has so MANY beautiful landmarks and areas and JUST ALL OF THE THINGS. Of course, we went to the London Eye and bopped around the carousel area near the eye.


From there we went to the Tower Bridge and swung through the Ivy House right next door for the BEST ESPRESSO MARTINI EVER. This is a great bar to grab mid-afternoon tea or cocktail with friends after doing some sightseeing. pictured below

We headed back to SoHo to grab drinks and ended up grabbing a quick dinner consisting of tacos & margs at Breddos. Their tuna tostado was off the chain!!!! Our really cute bartender hooked us up with free tequila shots so that was dope too. The rest of that evening we basically all got hammered at our apartment lol…nothing to see there haha.

SUNDAY (3/17/19) last day! 

We had a bit of a slower start Sunday, but we rallied and got out and about in the St. Patty’s day craziness!! We headed back to Covent Garden because there were so many restaurants (we wanted to go to Avobar, but it was packed–NEXT TIME). However, we ended up at Bill’s, which was a 10/10 really cool spot. I got the glow bowl that was wowow so fresh.

We proceeded to sight see all of the pubs for St. Patty’s, scope out Chinatown, and grab drinks at two other cool spots: SoHo residence and the Festival, which is just below the SoHo residence.

Post-drinks: would recommend grabbing a Ramen bowl at SHORYU – we kept wanting to go there!!!

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS FROM A LOCAL GAL – shoutout to @quin_Massey for compiling this list for me. MUCH LOVE BBY! 

she says…

“If you’re in Shoreditch, the cereal killer cafe is badass, junk yard golf is really awesome & they have Queens bowling/ice skating rink right next to Queenstown Road & it’s SO much fun!! We’ve met David Beckham there twice!!”

“If you are a museum fan, hit up the Tate. Also, on Saturday the Colombia Flower Market is very insta worth!”

Screenshot the rest of her AMAZING list below!!! 🙂 



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