Lemon Cayenne Detox Drink

//Lemon Cayenne Detox Drink

Lemon Cayenne Detox Drink

Get rid of any weekend bloat with this lemon-cayenne detox drink…. Queen B swears by it too!

This is a quick detox drink I have been whipping up now that football season has started back! So if you over indulged at the tailgate this past weekend, then this is a great way to get back on track for the week.


1/2 Lemon

Cayenne Pepper


6 oz. of water


  1. I fill up a coffee mug full of water and heat it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.
  2. Next I squeeze half of a lemon into the water, add a pretty hefty dash of cayenne pepper, and a few drops of liquid stevia or whatever sweetner of your choice. Stir together & drink up!

OR if you don’t want to make your own. Here is a pre-made version that can be found at any health food store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.



I know this doesn’t sound like the most delicious concoction, but to be honest it tastes pretty much like lemonade! To briefly explain “WHY?”…Lemons act as a natural diuretic removing toxins from your body. Then, cayenne is a natural metabolism booster. (The stevia is just for taste, you can do without it if you choose) However, the combination is great for getting your body back to its most natural, normal state.

On Sundays & Mondays, I will drink one glass in the morning right when I wake up, then another one before bed. Throughout the course of the day I drink TONS of water. By Tuesday I am feeling back on my A-game. Give it a try!

P.S Beyonce swears by this drink!! 🙂 Xx

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