Leather Skirts

//Leather Skirts

Leather Skirts

An item everyone should have in their closet this fall…

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Leather is everywhere this fall & it is a staple in my closet as well! Whether we are talking leather shorts, skirts, or pants…I’m digging’ it. Give your regular black skirt a little bit of edge by trying a leather one instead. Below are some of the best! Xx



Drawstring Top: Forever21 (couldn’t find my in black, but I think this white peasant top would look great paired with leather)

Sunnies: Anthropolgie

Leather Skirt: Express OR ASOS (on sale)*

ALSO if you’re feeling crazy….this fringe leather skirt. LOVE. Express

Tiny Leather Bucket Bag (except this one is cuter than mine because I love the fringe!!): Forever21

Denim Jacket: Forever21

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