Layering Pieces

//Layering Pieces

Layering Pieces

Doubling-up on some dainty, gold necklaces…IMG_0730 IMG_0737 copy

When layering jewelry, first I typically pair two shorter necklaces together. Here I have paired my favorite ‘hashtag’ necklace with a gold bar pendant. Next, I like to give any set a little shape with a rounded piece, which I feel looks best in the middle of a combination. Lastly, I love completing any look with a drop-chain piece like my lariat ‘north star’ piece.

My everyday jewelry consists of a few simple gold rings + slim, gold-banded bracelets. All links below! Xx


  1. Hashtag: Forever 21
  2. Hashtag set w/ “LOL”: ASOS
  3. Hashtag from Etsy (Under $20): Etsy
  4. Lariat drop piece $18: Nordstrom
  5. Curved Bar necklace $14: Nordstrom 
  6. Half Moon wire bangle $8: Nordstrom
  7. Gold hexagon cuff: Nordstrom
  8. Gold Wrap bracelet with Jade gem: Judith Bright
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