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Read more for my personal 12-week review & results…

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I even wanted to post this because I have seen some pretty unbelievable results from people who have done Kayla’s 12-week Bikini Body Guide (BBG). However, I have had so many people ask me about it and encourage me to share my experience so that’s what I’ll do!

Whenever I started a blog I didn’t really want there to be anything on here about my personal life…more just things I love or that make me happy, but health/fitness is a big part of my life so it is only fitting I share this too.


This is my week 0 & week 12 before & after post^ 

I started the program because I saw SO many people posting their awesome results that it inspired me to give it a try. I have always been an active person playing sports my whole life and I probably never went a whole week without working out all throughout college. At first, I thought the work-outs looked too easy, but after doing my first week it was hard & I was super sore so I was like okay this may work.

I have struggled with my weight since way back in high school and I have been painfully self-conscious about it. Any of my friends, family, or roommates are all aware. They think I can be a little intense sometimes, but I have always been determined to keep my weight under control. However, I’m barely 5’3″ and I have always been super built. Even gaining a mere five pounds seems to be more noticeable on me than most people.

I’ve done every type of fad diet there is, but this whole program made me realize that somewhere along the way I was brainwashed into thinking that I had to be starving in order to lose weight. My attempts at trying to be healthy and staying way too busy turned into me majorly under-eating throughout the week (Mon-Thurs), then by the time the weekend rolled around I was hungry, grumpy, and run-down. All of my friends would all be going out to eat or get drinks so I would cave and end up eating way more than I had all week. Then, on Monday I would feel terrible about eating out or going out all weekend and this cycle would start all over again of a serious calorie reduction during the week. Esh!

I went up and down with my weight like crazy because I had such an inconsistent lifestyle and eating habits. It was really discouraging and frustrating because I worked out all the time. By the end of my senior I felt like I didn’t have control anymore because it was my last year in college and I never wanted to miss out on any social event…and that’s where I was in the before picture^^ upset with how I looked and kind of at the end of my rope on how to make a change.

The work-outs were super challenging and only 30 minutes–yay! Whereas before I spent WAY more time in the gym. It’s a combination of high intensity interval training and low intensity (walking or jogging). I also followed a close variaition of Kayla’s meal plan that I was very skeptical of at first. It seemed like A TON of food to me. I would barely eat 800-1000 calories a day ever and I never ate carbs at night–that was crazy to me. But the fact that it worked for so many other people I stuck with it. It was a slow transformation because I feel like I had to completely re-wire my body.

Today, I eat about 1500-1700 calories a day. I’ve come a long way this summer. I don’t obsess over my weight anymore and I know I don’t have a crazy ripped six-pack like some people I have seen, but I have made a lifestyle change and that is the biggest win for me. The anxiety of worrying about how much I weigh or what I was going to eat that day has been lifted off of my shoulders. If anyone has been curious in trying this program I suggest it. I know there are a lot of people who think it is a fad and maybe it is–who knows. However, bottom line it showed me a lifestyle and I hope that helps anyone who has ever felt the way I did.

I would be happy to share my specific meal plans or training methods just text me/email/message me whatever. I would love to help!

Three things I have learned:

1. There is NEVER a good time to make a lifestyle change. ( I went to LA, celebrated my mom in Las Vegas, turned 22, and had 3 family birthdays all throughout the course of this)

2. Be consistent. (consistency has been key for me, finding a meal plan and eating every 2-3 hours)

3. Be prepared for when you are hungry. I NEVER let myself get to the point where I am starving because then I can’t really control what I am eating because I am too hungry to care. I always kept a snack handy to keep me from pigging out on unhealthy foods)

This post may not relate to you, but if it does and I could shed some light on someone else who may be in a similar situation than I am thrilled about that! Xx

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