Getting Thrifty

//Getting Thrifty

Getting Thrifty

I put together a thrift store guide that will help you find 10 looks this fall for not even a FRACTION of the price…thrift-guideSo this is what I did… I spent over an hour in a thrift store here in Memphis going through racks and racks of clothes. (Also disclaimer, I know there are people who think thrifting is gross so this may not be for you. As long as you wash everything first, I’m fine with it! Plus, I like to think of it more like treasure hunting–it’s fun when you get some awesome stuff.)

Anywho, I went through tons of clothes and as you know fashion goes in a full circle, so this is PRIME time for thrifting people!! Everything in there is coming back in style. There is definitely some weirdo, tacky stuff don’t get me wrong, but I found A TON of stuff that I really liked.

I went to Urban Outfitter’s website and made a collage of their new arrivals. So starting from the top I’ll tell you what I saw… This isn’t particular to a thrift store in Memphis only. This is probably pretty universal because this whole 70s vibe is what has been leftover in thrift stores for years…

1. Overalls–you better believe it. I saw about 10 pairs yesterday and I wasn’t even looking for those. Urban’s price $80– thrift store price $6

2. Denim on Denim– tons of denim jackets and shirts

3. Ribbed tee-shirts– (like the one I’m wearing on instagramthere were lots of these little funky tees that I have been wearing with outlined sleeves and collars.

4. Flannel + Denim skirt– basically every skirt in there buttons down the front and this is going to be everywhere this fall. They were all really long, but all you have to do is cut them off and hem them!

5. Graphic Tee + Denim Skirt–same deal with the skirts as above^ but there are also going to be lots of funky graphic tees. Some of my favorites are from thrift stores.

6. Belted Suede Skirt– I saw lots of camel/ black suede skirts. They were past my knees, but I can hem em.

7. BELTS BELTS BELTS— I haven’t worn a belt since about the 6th grade, but now they are back and I love it. The chunkier the better. There were about 1,000 belts crammed in this place. I mean $2 maybe.

8. Flannels–Always a must and always in thrift stores.

9. High neck muscle tee— I felt like I walked straight out of an old episode of Friends wearing this top, but these are packed into thrift stores. Also the sweater material high neck, muscle tees can be found there as well.

10. White wash bell-bottoms— thrift stores are crawling with them. I mean, think about you don’t really find skinny jeans at thrift stores it’s mainly all bootcut/flare jeans, which is going to be all the rage.

My Purchases:


Yesterday I bought, 2 skirts, 5 tops, a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, and a belt for a grand total of 32 DOLLARS. It’s kinda crazy.

(I was wearing the ribbed tee($2), black skirt ($4), and B&W tennis shoes($3) in my Instagram pic.)

I enjoy going to thrift stores, but for those who don’t I hope this guide helps! This way you can have something in mind that you are looking for instead of aimlessly wandering because that can definitely happen! As always have a Happy Friday! Xx

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