It feels like it’s been raining for FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS, am I right or am I right?!?!?! I think at this point we are all 100% ready for spring weather AND spring fashion. So, I’m trying to implement some of my fave spring fashion trends in to my recent outfits, even though it’s still very much February, and very much freezing. (ps. nashville had snow a few days ago, what is going on mother nature?!?!?!?)

You guys know I LOOOOVE an animal print boot, especially snakeskin. This pair is a super classic pattern, which I’m a huge fan of. But there are so so many ways to rock this trend with different colors, patterns, heel and boots heights, etc. I think I may need to order the multicolored ones ASAP!!

I love pairing these with a distressed denim mini skirt, another spring fashion fave! This particular skirt is from Levi’s and was thrifted, but I have found a ton of great options online. And honestly, I love to find vintage or thrifted denim and DIYing them to make them my own!!

I love using these two staple pieces as the base for any outfit, and adding on from there. A cute backpack, fluffy jacket (because like I said; SNOW AND RAIN FOR DAYS), and a super fun wrap top make this an awesome transitional look that reminds us that warmer weather is on the horizon!!!


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