Button-Down Denim Skirt

//Button-Down Denim Skirt

Button-Down Denim Skirt

I’ve been really wanting one of these button-down skirts for fall, but most designer brands are overly expensive. So I thought I’d share how I made this one for less than $20, and you can too!

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In my thrifting guide post, I discussed how many of these button-down skirts I have been seeing in thrift stores at the moment. This is something that is pretty universal considering it is a generational thing. At one point everyone must have rocked a button-down skirt, then they went out of style and everyone gave them to Goodwill or another thrift store. They have probably been sitting there ever since! Anyway my point is I have seen lots!

I have attached the photo below of what this skirt originally looked like…It was way past my knees, but it was only $2.99! As opposed to some denim brands that sell this style of skirt for $100 or more, which I am not totally wanting to spend at the moment. From there I took it to an alterations place, and for $15 I had it shorted to a much more flattering length.

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I snapped this photo at the alterations store. ^

So overall it costs a little under $20 to make this skirt and I feel pretty confident anyone could do the same! Thrift stores are stocked with these babies & sometimes you just have to get a little creative to save some extra dollars : ) Xx


Top: Old Navy

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