Billabong suit

//Billabong suit

Billabong suit

One of my favorite crochet suits of the summer…

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I’ve said this in previous posts, but I’ve been trying to find some other good alternatives to the regular ole Victoria Secret bikinis. Billabong is never really a brand that comes to my mind either, but they have some super cute pieces!

I specifically wanted a crochet bikini this summer, which is how I stumbled upon their website and realized there was some awesome stuff going on there! This black & cream number had my name all over it. Plus, if you’re into any water sports/activities this top is great for keeping everything up top pretty secure. I gave wake surfing a try, but I wasn’t too successful at it. However, I was successful in keeping my suit on the whole time lol. Links below! With summer coming to an end, I see a ¬†bathing suit sale on their site in the near future. Start thinking ahead for next summer if nothing else! Xx

TOP: Billabong

BOTTOM: Link here

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