Best Kept Secrets, No. 1

//Best Kept Secrets, No. 1

Best Kept Secrets, No. 1

Rachel’s Flower Shop Happy Hour. Read more for details…

IMG_7173IMG_7178IMG_7258IMG_7277IMG_7295 (1)IMG_7299 IMG_7211Rachel’s Happy Hour: Every Saturday from 4-5 PM

Located at: 2486 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38112

This is a place my family has been going to for years, and I feel like a lot of people don’t know about it! My parents used to take me when I was younger and let me pick out any flowers I wanted. Now that I’ve moved back to Memphis, we have started going every weekend again. Rachel’s is the cutest little mom & pop shop. It is a family owned business and Rachel herself is usually working in the store. I was able to snap a picture with her this past Saturday (attached below). This flower shop has been in business for over 50 years and it was started by Rachel’s parents, who named the shop after their daughter. Rachel continues to carry on their legacy today.

Every Saturday from 4 to 5 PM all flowers are 2 for the price of 1. They have the most beautiful assortments! We fill our house with different arrangements. The one I am carrying in these pictures was $22, which is a STEAL for such a big, beautiful bouquet.

My flower picking outfit consisted of a flowy white top with an oversized sleeves, black skinny jeans, black flats, and my trusty Lack of Color hat. (Links below)

IMG_7315If you’re in the Memphis area this may be a store your parents are familiar with, but I am hoping to get you there too! Because there is no happier hour than bringing home fresh flowers to brighten your day or somebody else’s!


Top: Anthropologie (in-store now)

Jeans: Savoir-Faire Blank NYC

Hat: Lack of Color

Flats: Old Navy (in-store now)

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