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Beachy Hair Waves

How to get those beachy waves in your hair this summer. All of the products + tools I use…

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This summer I have been embracing that beachy hair look pretty much everyday ^

Lately I have been letting my hair air dry to keep some of it’s natural wave in it. I used to blow it out straight after every wash, but I have been trying to give it a little bit of a break and I have been pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

  1. The most well-behaved hair is well conditioned hair * words to live by for real!! When my hair is still wet out of the shower I use “It’s a 10” and spray an ample amount all through out my hair.
  2. Dry my roots only – I try to only dry the top part of my hair and let the rest do it’s own thing.
  3. As it starts drying, I spray a good amount of Bumble & Bumble surf spray to start setting up for some messier waves. 
  4. Once it is dry I go back over the areas that may not have curled as well (or areas that have frizzed up) with a one-inch wand – (The Sedu Revolution below). I have been using it for the past two years and I love it.   
  5. The key to creating a messier wanded look ** Alternate the direction you wand each piece. I used to curl my whole head in the same direction, which resulted in some parts ending up as one giant curl. If you alternate every other piece of hair in a different direction, then it will create that messier beachy hair. This is something I just recently started doing. I have been thinking about making a video if that would be more helpful too??
  6. Final steps… I tease the top of my hair (around my part) with a toothbrush. *Try switching your comb for a toothbrush because it creates a more controlled, subtle tease.* Plus you can perfectly smooth any frizz by spraying hairspray directly onto the bristles and then smoothing your hair down from there.
  7. Last, I flip my head over and spray lots of hair spray to give it the last bit of volume. I am loyal to Tresemme’s hairspray below. 

Hope this is a good start for now, but feel free to email me or comment below if you have any further questions!! Xx

PS. The last time i posted in this shell bikini the liketoknowit link didn’t work for a lot of people 🙁 SO you can recreate this look below as well!

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