wooohooo I am off on a family vacay to Tahiti SO FREAKING PUMPED!!! However, IT’s never too early to start shopping for fall!!

A couple of things to note about this fit!!!

  • THESE ARE MY FAV TRAVEL PANTS (I sized up so they don’t hug my legs when seated!) US size 6
  • MEN’s denim jackets save lives – I call this my *travel jacket* because it has so many pockets – portable charges, air-pods, SO MUCH ROOM FOR ALL of the things!

I am wearing a @FOREVER21 men jacket linked below – I would suggest the one with the built in hoodie. This first one here — because it def has great pockets!

SWEATERS!! Linking my exact sweater here, but it is v pricey (sorry gals I have an FP discount) . SO linking tons of other cool – retro + color-blocking-vibey, sweaters!

We are about to take off now, but more blog content coming SOON!


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