Hi friends!! I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share a look into my house and home decor!! It is something I am asked about a TON, and a topic I absolutely love to be able to share with y’all! Ever since I moved into this house, I’ve had a great time picking out fun pieces to make the space really match my style. As you probably know, I love a crazy, funky and eclectic vibe, and that definitely translates into my home decor. I wanted to take you guys through my home, let you know where some of my favorite and most-asked about pieces are from, as well as how you may be able to add some decor items into your space as well!!


CLICK HERE for dresser!

My largest pieces of furniture, and most favorite, would definitely have to be my bright pink dresser in my bedroom, my super comfy grey sofa, pink velvet chairs and my wicker patio furniture, and different dressers and side tables with lots of drawers for maximum storage! I am also asked a ton about my animal print rug in my bedroom! Unfortunately, it was bought at a local carpet store, but I was thankfully able to find some super similar versions that will add the exact same fun & funky vibe to any room in your home!

I love to start with a more simple canvas, such as a grey sofa, black and gold side table, or even a bright pink dresser, and then be able to add my own flair with fun and funky pillows, throws, lamps and knick knacks that add so much!!


I feel like I will probably always be adding to the wall decor in my home. I love finding new, fun prints online. It is also always fun to have a rotation of different prints, that way you can swap them out whenever you’re in the mood, and its a great way to spice it up!!

A lot of my absolute FAVE art prints are from Fy! The piece I am probably asked about the most is this wine glass art print that is hanging in my kitchen gallery wall!! CLICK HERE for it!

I am also OBSESSED with my neon signs!! I leave them on all the time, and they make me so happy when I come downstairs every day!! It’s another inexpensive way to add dimension and color to any space!

One of my other absolute LOVESSS in my home is my living room palm tree. Basically, after the holidays, when I was finally forced to take down my Christmas tree, the space just felt so empty and naked!! I knew I wanted to add something back into that space that would make me just as happy as a hot pink Christmas tree did, which is when I found this giant, lit seven-foot palm tree! It stays on at all times, makes me smile whenever I look at it, and kind of makes me feel like I am in a tiki bar at all times.

At first, I actually thought about wallpapering one wall in my styling room. I love the look of a fun pattern or covered wall in a space like this. But eventually, I decided to make it into a fun DIY project instead! I got all of my favorite prints from Raw and Rebellious, and basically created my own wallpaper. Layering framed pictures, mirrors and a clock on top of the prints create a really great dimensional look that I’m so in love with! You could even do this with pictures from magazines, or print-outs you find online!! CLICK HERE for the R&R prints!!


The most important thing in the home is to feel comfortable. One of the best ways I know to do that is to layer up pillows and blankets. It is also the perfect way to add in different patterns and textures, without committing to a larger piece of furniture.

I have a ton of these kantha quilts on my bed, sofa, and even covering the Ween’s doggie crate!! They are super fun and colorful and the perfect addition to my simple bedding!! CLICK HERE for kantha quilts. They also come in a ton of different colors!!

Another amazing way to elevate your space is with two things that I have a TON of in my house; mirrors and plants. Having a lot of greens, either real or fake, really does add so much. Plus, full-length and wall mirrors will always help with opening up a space and making it feel bigger, brighter, and more open.


Keeping things organized as an entire huge task unto itself, but I’ve thankfully found a few things that definitely make it a lottttt easier. My styling room is the part of my home that needs to most attention; with tons of shoes, bags, belts, hats and jewelry, it can definitely get overwhelming. One thing I am asked about all the time is how I hang my hats. Thankfully, it is a super easy trick that makes all the difference in the world.

I use these wooden wall pegs from The Container Store, attach them to the wall, and hang all of my hats on them!! Basically, The Container Store has become my best friend in this room. I also use a bunch of their rolling shoe racks to try to keep my shoes organized by type and style.

You guys may have also seen the super fun and useful hack on my IG story for my sunglass organization. I actually bought wall-mount nail polish racks (probably meant for a nail salon), stacked three of them on a wall, and am able to store my entire sunglasses collection!! It is probably one of my favorite things I came up with in this room!!

As far as bathroom organization, I try to use cute baskets and bins to keep things as contained as possible. That, plus some fun fake plants and a cute art print make fun the perfect place to get ready in the morning!!



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